We had a rich range of customers, from Offshore / Onshore Company to Shipbuilding Company, from Manufacturing Company to Electronic Company, and etc.

These are our main costumers:

  • Dredging International Asia Pacific, Pte.Ltd.
  • PT. Nippon Steel Batam
  • PT. McConnell Dowell Services
  • PT. McDermott Indonesia
  • PT. Pan United Shipyard IND
  • PT. Rotary Engineering IND
  • PT. World Wide Equipment S.E.A
  • PT. Patra Fabrikasi
  • PT. Sentek Marine Trading
  • PT. Jaya Asiatic Shipyard
  • PT. Citra Tubindo
  • PT. Expro Indonesia
  • PT. Pan-Batam Island Shipyard
  • PT. Wanamas Puspita
  • PT. Profab Indonesia
  • PT. Heat Exchangers Indonesia
  • PT. Bredero Price Indonesia
  • Nippon Steel Corporation
  • PT. Dwi Sumber Arca Waja
  • PT.Batamec

We still have a lot of customers, which we are not able to list out all of them.

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